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C1: Bullying - What is it?

Monday: Students got to know each other on the first day. They paired up in Teams and were able to work on the ideas in a workshop and worked in teams. The students found each other within the workshop and started on ideas and products as well as feasibility of their products for the 3D-Printer.

Tuesday: Students started to practically work on their ideas from the first day and had to book the timeslots for the 3D-printing stations, so everybody would have the chance on working on the products, they designed in online plattforms such as tinkercard. In the afternoon they everybody was given the chance to visit the famous Lipizzaner horses in the "Gestüt Piber" and visit our region.

Wednesday: Students started to finish their product ideas. Afterwards the group traveled to visit a local factory to see products produced and get to know each other better, partners were found for each student and one of HAK Voitsberg's students won the challenge to take a selfie with every single animal at the eatable garden at "Zotter's chocolate company".

Thursday: Finalizing the product ideas and working on the Website, Social Media and our etwinning plattform, students started to prepare for the upload to the digital plattforms all content such as photos, videos and also their 3D-printing models to download from the projects website. Our partners also got the chance to visit Graz city, weaponry (Zeughaus Graz) and special places, which a professional guided tour organized from Prof. Magdalena Colantonio, showed all the special places.

Friday: Presentation of the models and outcome of the project. Photo of the project groups, taking friendship pictures and farewell at Buschenschank Zach with a nice Brettljausn and local beverages.

Saturday: Finalizing the digital project descriptions and reports and uploading the rest of the digital media collected during the last week.

Sunday: start preparing for C2: Sweden we are coming!